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A couple weeks ago, Dad Bear Rob and Daddy Pocket went to NV SPCA to sign up to foster for elderly Pekingese dogs. The SPCA had one at the time, named Tango, about 9 or 10 yrs old, that had been returned after trial adoption twice.

Tango came home with them that same day.

When I saw Tango the first time after coming home, I knew right away that this was going to be Tango’s Forever Home. True enough, the next week or so, Dads were back at SPCA filing out adoption papers.

At first, he was nervous and timid, hanging back and peeking around corners. We showed Tango (renamed/nicknamed Sergeant) the love and affection that he needed, and he showed it back to us. These past couple of days, he was smiling all the time, tail wagging, and was unafraid to mix into the pack.

Today unfortunately, Tango has passed on. Dad Bear says he was making some painful noises, so they laid him down on his bed, Daddy Pocket felt for his heartbeat. Tango raised his head looking at Daddies as if to say “Thank You” and then closed his eyes.



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